by Irune Serna
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Nature, the passage of time, identity, the influence of the environment on the individual, the emotional background of the human soul, the body and technology are some of the main elements that make up the work of this multidisciplinary artist for whom she conceptualizes it, abstraction and search are a constant that does not derive from the means used but from his own life itinerary.

While training in Arts, Hispanic Philology and Law, he began his artistic career focused on musical composition, writing, drawing and photography, although in recent years he has approached installation, short films with great interest and video art as main expressive forms. It highlights his interest in investigating the ultimate enigmas of the human being, his place in the world, consciousness and emotion as the main incentives that seek to understand the environment from its closest reality, science, anthropology and humanism. His work participates in a creative imaginary where the everyday and the invisible coexist as a set of complementary polar forces where magical realism and surrealism have a place.

Both in her conceptual works and in those of greater abstraction, the themes that run through her from a cosmocentric vision of life where the human is part of a universal heartbeat are always present. Therefore, her creative process becomes a connection experience where the external experience gives way to an inner journey in which the vibration of the invisible materializes in works that map the intangible. Thus, forms and sounds are added to the purely human ancestral heritage that, from its own projected subjective vision, connects us with the cosmic order. Times and spaces in which the invisible is condensed into shapes and sounds that exude the vibration of the universe that inhabits us.

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